Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bike Riding in Style

My Christmas present from my Husband Richard was a very nice new bike! It's a "Giant" brand bike and it's the color Mint...Yup like Mint ice

I love it and it goes along with my Resolution of getting back into shape, I shall not use the word "Diet" as I fail at that year after year. We are just making smarter choices in what we eat..which I'm finding very hard since I love to grab something Yummy after the kids are in bed at night. Any suggestions for low calorie but tasteful snacks?

We are riding our bikes about every weekend, if it' just us 2 then we go for a long ride around 20 or more miles but if the kids are along than we just ride for about 3 or so...They all have bikes and love to ride and see the turtles on the bike trail.

Here I am with my new bike, the sweater makes me look pregnant but let me assure you, I am not!

I'm finding bike riding to be alot of fun which I never thought it would be!

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