Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lake Woodruff Wildlife Refuge Day Trip

Yesterday we met my Sister and her family out at DeLand's Lake Woodruff Wild life Refuge where we walked for about 2 hours.

We saw a tiny snake that my Sister was brave enough to hold but I passed on..lol..

We did see a 5 ft alligator that was sunning itself across the bank and he kept an watchful eye on us but never moved, Thank Goodness..lol   The above pic is NOT the guy we saw though, he is from the webpage.

You can read more about the Wildlife Refuge below or google it. We plan on going back next weekend, it's free to park/walk and the kids love to see what pops around every corner.

The Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge is part of the United States National Wildlife Refuge System, located in north central Florida, twenty-five miles west of Daytona Beach, off U.S. Highway 17 in DeLeon Springs.
The Lake Woodruff Wilderness Area is part of the refuge, and consists of 1,066 acres (4.31 km2) or 4.9% of its total area. It lies along the western boundary, between Honey Creek and the St. Johns River. On the river's other side is the Alexander Springs Wilderness Area.
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