Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Van Fleet Bike Trail Kicked my Butt

Friday Richard played Hooky from work and we ran off together as soon as all 3 were in school for the day!

We loaded up our bikes and drove an hour away to try our riding skills on the Van Fleet State Trail.

We rode a total of 30 miles with stops for water and our new fav. snack, CLIFF bars.

We almost didn't make it to pick up the kids in time but even with the rush to get back to the car It was worth being sore today!

It was so peaceful out there, we saw 2 turtles, cows and people were stopped along the trail taking pics of this otter that was down in the wet bank.

Today I'm sore but planning on riding again tomorrow but this time for a shorter ride around home.

You can read more about this trail here Van Fleet State Trail

Enjoy your Weekend!

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