Monday, April 19, 2010

A sweet Mowing Surprise!!

Here is a sweet surprise my Richard mowed into our field this past weekend, Can you read it?

We have been very busy working in the yard and cleaning out/organizing our 2 car garage, We had stuffed it with 3 years of not needed stuff so we have Freecycled alot and the trashman will have one massive pick-up this week! We are cleaning up and really pairing down what we can here for our upcoming move, We may move this summer or a year from now, it all depends on how fast Richard can find a job. So far it's slow moving since we are out state and it seems most companies want to hire in-state people only, if this makes sense. We really want to be closer to his Mom and Sisters though.

Other than scouting out great money saving/coupon blogs I haven't done anything other than just being a Mom. Do you have a great money saving blog that you visit every day?

Happy Monday!!
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