Monday, December 6, 2010

The Fresh Air Fund~ Can You Help?

  1. Most of you know that we live on 6 acres and have a Horse, 2 dogs, and a few cats...A lil spring fed stream tht runs in the Spring/Summer and we sometimes see a stray Amish horse trot down the road.
My 3 kids run allover and explore! It's great out here and even if one day we have to move then they have great memories of our lil plot of land but to think that there are some kids that don't have this freedom, I simply can't imagine.
 Kids that have lived in the city their whole life need to enjoy this just once!

I was contacted by The Fresh Air Fund  to bring awareness to this.

I had no idea that there was a program like this and I'm so excited for these children!

Please read about this great program, Maybe we can spread cheer this Winter!

FYI~ I was asked to bring awareness to this program from Sara Wilson,
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