Friday, April 18, 2008


My Little Garden Patch Blooming in the warm sunshine this afternoon, slight breeze and birds singing, Peaceful!
My roses coming back to life after a long sleep, I worked hard last year when we first moved in trimming them up, I hope to see the results soon.
HOSS saying a "HELLO" to all of my new Friends in BlogLand! He is our gentle giant during the day but at dusk he turns into a big baby because of his poor eyesight.
My new Clothes Line, I need a pretty Clothes Pin Holder this summer, First time ever enjoying Sun Dryed Clothes on the line! right next to it is my Cherry Tree, Hope to get a good produce this year...Again my first ever~ So Excited!
My Lavender, not sure what kind and I need to clean the leaves out and I THINK trim...Not sure...Something else to read up on and learn.

Welcome to the "FARM GIRL BLOG-A-THON WEEK- 2"

( 4-12/08-4-16/08)

Being a Farmgirl means Living Simply to me. After living in town with a house on both sides of us, close enough to see into our neighbors livingroom, We were ready for a change and fell in love with our first house! I can have a Garden and our kids can run freely in our back 5 acres and I don't have to ALWAYS be on the lookout. We have the ability to fulfill our dream of owning our Horse and have as many dogs as we wish!

Growing up I have lived in many Apartments and subdivisions and never really had a yard. My parents were not one to worry about recycling or reusing. We bought TONS of stuff. I'm not sure what the defining moment was for me to see how I could change how much stuff we bought or to see how much stuff we could recycle. I know that I want my kids to grow up to appreciate the Earth and each other.

Living Simply and Enjoying the moments~ This is what being a Farmgirl means to me!

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