Friday, April 25, 2008

Week 3/ Domestic Bliss/In The Kitchen (Farm Girl Blog-A-Thon)

Some Random Pics of my New farmgirl Kitchen. We have had our first Thanksgiving and Christmas here and it's so large Everyone was hanging around the Island/Bar and chatting and helping me cook. This is where I hope to have heart-to-Heart talks with my kids and all of their friends. One day I hope to have someone over for Coffee and share recipes, Still haven't met very many people. I have started to collect Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks and have started to try one recipe a week from there. We have had the Meatloaf made with crushed up Pretzels last week and it was really good, so that has become a keeper! This summer we will make use of the Island by making tons of Apple Pies, We have 4 trees that are now in bloom, Hopefully we will have some Apples to share! My Farmgirl Kitchen means to me Family, Friends and Food..A Peaceful combo.

"To share with other farm girls and to learn about the Farm Girl way of life visit: ")
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