Monday, April 7, 2008

~Tie One On- Apron that Is~

Welcome to the "Farm Girl Blog-A-Thon! I joined this great blog-a-thon over at Tina's Blog , great Farmgirl! This week's Blog is about Aprons!

Sadly, Since this is coming up on my first year as being a farmgirl on this lovely 6 acre little farm, I have no Aprons! One would be good to have for my morning chores of running out to feed our Horse Hoss. I always get hay on my shirts/sweaters and today I found birdseed in my pockets..LOL. I have started to notice my new Farmgirl friends all have such lovely Aprons, half Aprons, printed Aprons, Frilly Aprons and Lacey Aprons..OH My! Yes, I haven't always been a Farmgirl, raised in FL where as a kid/teenager we spent our time in the Mall...which would be why my family is laughing at me when I where my stinky, muddy boots most of the time! Helping out my DH with the chores, mucking stalls, stacking Hay and riding the 4-wheeler everywhere...We will be here for 1 year in May and I'm happy, stronger than in the past and falling in love with the way things where done back then, but I do Love my washing machine and Dishwasher...LOL. I'm glad I found the Farmgirl Connection and stumbled upon a great group of Gals, I'm learning and laughing alot with them! Now I just have to find a cute Apron...LOL!

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