Monday, February 15, 2010

5 Days No School due to TOO MUCH SNOW!!

What do you do with 5 days (Monday is the 5th day) no school? You play alot!!! You clean if your a Mom too and that's just what we did. I started with Abigail's room and moved her desk to under her window and went thru her toys again..they must multiply at night under the bed!! I need to finish spray painting her dresser knobs purple. We are making do with what we have right now until we find the perfect furniture (i.e. AFFORDABLE) for this little princess. She was proud of her clean room and she loves to pose. Monday is Crystal and Tankers turn, I'm dreading Tankers room cuse of all his little cars!

I ran to Krogers before the snow moved back in and they were Tripling the coupons so I grabbed some fun stuff and some items that I rarely buy but was a good price with the coupon special. I had already put away the fridge items when I snapped this pic, I even received a 4.00 off coupon on my next shopping trip! It's a learning process for me but I do enjoy the challenge of saving every penny I can.

We had a little Birthday Party for Crystal, she turned 11!! She only wanted to invite her best friend over to sled down our hill so we had a little cake/ice cream and they played outside the rest of the time. It was a great Saturday!

The news says school is cancelled again for tomorrow, more cleaning and playing for us! Not sure if DH is going to try to make it in to work, We are at a level 2 snow emergency already and the snow is supposed to continue till 6am Tues.

Hope you are Safe and Warm Tonight Friends!
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