Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tough Decisions...House Hunting

So our lease here is up in August and we are very much ready to move.

Our search is taking some time because we really want to keep our 3 kids in the same schools since all 3 are doing FAB!!!

House 1:

This is an older pic, there are houses built on either side today. This is in a Subdivision.

We took the kids to look inside last night and almost signed a lease on it, then we went out to dinner and the kids told us they hated it, it was just okay of an house.

I have to be honest we were waiting for the realtor to show up I was getting less and less excited to live in a Subdivision again, I didn't get that "WOW" feeling about this house.

I think for me I have lost that decorating "Mojo" since leaving our house in OH.

The searching goes on....

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