Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sisters Forever part 1

Warning~Very scary, depressing bedroom...

In a few short days this space which is in a sad state since we gave my Mom her bedroom set back will be transformed into a shared space between 2 sisters 4 years apart.

We have ordered a Bedroom set from Rooms-to-Go (2 twin beds and 1 nightstand to go in the middle) which will be delivered this Wed.!

We have taken apart the built in tv stand the landlord left here as you can see from the soon to be filled in nail holes in the right hand corner. We are having the room painted and both girls have agreed on a Horse theme.

We have decided to turn this into a Blessing.

So I ask You for ideas on shared spaces between Sisters...this is a Journey we have never taken before since we have been lucky enough that the 3 kids have always had their own room. Do you have fond memories of sharing with your siblings or do your kids share a room today?

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We have decided to stay here in this Rental for another year, searching for a house with land within 3 school systems was turning out to be a futile effort as there was not one house available within our time period.

The Landlady has decided to Lower the Rent, and let us update the house the way we prefer. All of which has made us very Happy this month!

Since we are staying another year, We have decided to have the girls share the biggest room and this will then leave one bedroom open for Husband to have his Office again. He needs one for those late night On-Call sessions and his Ham Radios.

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