Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Inspirations

~Hello Sunday~

We have spent the day outside this Sunday with Richard mowing the back pasture and I staying busy with the random load of laundry to get caught up and ready for the new week.

We walked over to the neighbors a dozen times today to make sure that Joey was settling in after being moved yesterday. He got off the trailer trembling slightly but according to his old Mommy he hadn't been in a trailer for about a year so after learning this bit of information, Joey did a great job! We let him stay the afternoon in the round-pen to get used to the other horses and graze. We love looking across the street and seeing what he's doing at the moment. 

Abigail has been moved to a new classroom after having issues with her old classroom. She starts on Monday.

Crystal has 2 of her friends over and they both have stayed for dinner. These girls can eat!

Tank has enjoyed playing Minecraft.

We have just dropped off the girls to their families and finishing the day with a slice of chocolate cake.

Enjoy your Monday!
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