Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekend ReCap

What a Weekend.

All 3 kids had Friday off due to Rodeo Day, Crystal was able to go along with a group of her friends and their Grandmother. The other 2 youngest stayed home with us, Abby was over at a friends playing and Tank was staying busy. Then we had 2 of Crystals friends staying over and they stayed up late watching every scary movie they could that was not rated R on Netflicks. I tried to watch one of the movies but I simply got I found the movie boring.

Saturday we started the day off with Chocolate pancakes that Richard made, he makes the best pancakes! We all stayed busy doing things around the house but really just relaxed. The 2 girls went home and we ended the night with the new movie "Turkeys". It was a cute movie, the 2 youngest really liked it.

Sunday, today, was a crazy day as Crystal's 2 friends came back over to work on schoolwork and eat dinner with us. I'll not say too much here but I'm saddened by the state of some families out there. Today has opened my eyes to how lucky my family is even though we are still struggling in so many ways. We will continue to do whatever we can for Crystal's friends. Thank goodness I have continued to coupon and stockpile, these girls can eat! We made homemade pizza tonight and Abigail loved helping out so much, I will def. keep her interest up in the kitchen and show her how to bake cookies next weekend!

Life is such a Journey!

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