Monday, February 3, 2014

January~Month in Review

January started slow but it sure amped up with the purchase of this guy!

We are enjoying getting back into the swing of Horse ownership, I'm getting back into nightly habit of driving to the Boarding Stable for nightly stall cleaning. I do really, really miss having our own barn!

Richard has been doing Alot of travel for his work, gone for a whole week at a time, not loving it but it's needed with such a huge project out of state.

The kids are doing okay, nothing huge happened in January and we are ever so Thankful for it.

I did okay with my goal of reading 5 books in the month of january, I was able to read 3. Some weeks we are just so much busier than other weeks. I do try to read atleast 2 chapters are night.

I'm currently burning my Candle that I received for Christmas from an Etsy shop and it smells just like Balsam Fir. Sad to report that my light bulb in my Scentsy warmer died so I'm on the search for someone around here that sells them inorder to replace it, I miss having my Scentsy!

So January was a Happy, busy month for us!

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