Saturday, February 2, 2008

Decorating Books, Clothes - DeCluttering

This is a Boys 3t Winnie-The-Pooh outfit that my son has outgrown, $5.00 plus traveling fee.
Decorating books by Terry Willits, I love reading these and have had them since 1997, It's time for them to bless someone's home. I tried to look them up on Amazon but they are not available on there. Almost new condition just Dusty from being on the bookshelf. Offering these for $25.00 plus traveling fee.

Just leave a Comment here if you're interested in these items, payPal or MO.

Yesterday my DH picked up a Playstation 3 and we have been playing MaterNationals on it with the kids, SO cool! Tonight we are going to watch a DVD in BluRay to see if we can tell much of a diference in the HiDef....Yep, We were behind on Techno stuff but we are slowing catching up. This is what happens when your busy watching Noggin all day, You forget about the new stuff out there!
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