Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend has gone by so fast, It's also Spring break here for Crystal so we are trying to keep busy. Sat. We had visitors over to take scrap metal that the previous owners had left, their truck got stuck in our muddy back yard and so we had to call a nice nieghbor and have pull him out with his tractor, this took all afternoon and the whole ordeal wasn't over till 6:00! We were tired after they left so we fixed easy Tacos and went to bed.

Easter Sunday was nice and sunny, still little chilly but nice, we were able to hunt for eggs outside. We had a nice ham dinner with my Sister and her family, my mom had a cold and so did DH mom so it was just Sis/family and us. We ate and watched "August Rush", "Enchanted", and "Mr. Woodcock" while the guys talked Computers.

Here are some cute pics of the kids hunting eggs next to the apple trees.
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