Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Rooster Wall Hanging

Here is another wall hanging, My Great Aunt Hazel made me this one many years ago, It has become my Fav. piece in all of my Rooster collection. In every house it has hung in the kitchen, She was a great lady who was ALWAYS busy stitchen/sewing, She gave each of my kids a quilt and I'll post pics of those later on.

So I found this site called'm now officially hooked! The items on there varies from day to day and always a nice surprise to find something that you'd love to have and display in your house, fab. old quilts! I here that Ebay is the same but I have never gotten anything from there, My DH has but not I...I wonder how come it has taken me so long to discover it, Prob. cuse the kids are getting out of the diaper phase and I have a few minutes to myself during the day to explore more online.

Well with DH out of town for Business, I have come to realize that I do appreciate his help carrying the water buckets back and forth to the barn every day, my back is aching tonight. We hope to be able to have water run into the barn by next winter but for now we have to use our mudroom's sink and fill buckets. It's hard work but I love it when Hoss nickers at me!
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