Saturday, March 8, 2008

~Ohio Blizzard of 2008~

WOW, We have gotten prob. 12 to 15 inches of snow within the last 2 days and tonight it's blowing like crazy, the kids had a blast playing in it today but it was a crazy walk from my back door just to the barn. We are under a level 3 snow emergency (which means that we CAN NOT leave the house unless an emergency) and tomorrow Hubby leaves for a week to Atlanta GA for a training class and yes, he is driving...We have to watch the news tonight to see how long the Level 3 stays. I wanted to start a new stitchery but the kids wouldn't settle down today so I got to start a new book instead. All of my laundry is done and the house smells so good, chilli and chocolate cake...Tomorrow I hope to take it easy, a full week ahead with Hubby gone.
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