Monday, March 3, 2008

A Warm Monday

Woke up this morning to Sunshine, temps in the 60s..We didn't need to wear a jacket at all today. Hubby stayed home and we worked in the barn, it was damp in there from the melting snow runoff. You know whoever thought of Stall Mats, I could kiss them..LOL..Hoss's stall was so dry and outside was a soupy mess. We had a nice relaxing weekend, my sis and her hubby watched the kids (first time ever) so that we could run and have ourselves a mini vaca. We stayed in a hotel, ate lotsa food and watched the movie "I am Legend"...Hubby really liked it but it wasn't for me, I have heard that it wasn't at all like the book. So then we came home to a messy house and happy kids and a frazzled Sis, Since she has lived out of state for so long she hasn't really been around my little guy much and boy He was pushing her buttons! I told her that we'd have to do this more often so that she can have practice when her 2nd baby is here! HAHAHAHAHAH Love ya Jenn!
So now my fingers are begging for a new stitchery and I've been so busy trying to collect books, I need something easy to do late at night. Do any of you out in Blogger Land now of an easy stitchery?
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