Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Whatcha Working On Wed.

I have put out my Christmas Village on top of my buffet, One light seems to have blown out last night but it's so pretty at night with the lights off. I'd love to start collecting the villages with a Quilt Shop sign or Sewing motif's, I was in a local Quilt shop where she had a few light up and said that they are so hard to find because everyone wants them.

I'm puttering around here with the placement of my Christmas. I love my Sant's but for after Christmas what do you use in your decorating? Maybe Snowmen?

SO yesterday DH's interview went well, the job is his for the taking and they want him to start right away, We are trying to see if he can have a week to get everything ready here and to go to the girl's Christmas Play, both girls are in it this year. On the drive home HE got another call from a Business here that wants to interview him, He told then that if he is in the running for the job then they need to interview him this week as he has already spoken with a company, now if he can get Hired for here then of course he will put the other Business in Kentucky off. We shall see what happens.
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