Monday, December 15, 2008

Bringing Some Christmas Cheer to Mom

My mom and lil Sister were having a hard time decorating for Christmas, It's almost 3 years since Dad's Horrible passing. SO I loaded the family up and we went over to help, Mom made a huge pot of Split Pea soup and cake for dessert last night and I brought along my new Camera, we are still playing around with all the nice features and getting used to it...It even has a Paneramic? pics, It takes 3 pics and stitches them together to make a big pic..How Nice is that!!! DH was playing around with the ornaments and focus so some might seem out of focus..

Today I'm having lunch here at my house with JenW from She doesn't live very far from me it turns out. We will be sure to grab a pic to share.

It's dreary, rainy and nasty outside today..Good for hiding in my Sewing
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