Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Preschool Sites and Ideas for Lil Guy?

I'm going to try to get started on Preschool for lil guy..He is 4 now and showing interest when his sister's are doing their homework. Any ideas on sites where I can print off pages for numbers and ABC's..What has worked for you?

On another note..We are having trouble with the school and Crystal..I'm so upset that I can hardly put into words my thoughts...They have recommended that we put Crystal on meds for ADD even though we have seen no signs of this in our home..She is struggling in 2 subjects in school but making good grades in the other subjects...After doing some on-line research we (DH and I ) have decided to remove the TV's in the house (It has been studied that in kids watching TV and ADD go together)..We are leaving one TV in the basement to use as a reward to watch DVD's on but we have total control over what they watch. I'm having Crystal start reading out loud to me this summer, 1 chapter a night.

We might pull Crystal out of the public school and into a Christian school.

I'll post more after I calm down.
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