Monday, May 4, 2009

A Lil Surprise from a New Friend

I have met the nicest lady at our new Church, her daughter is in my daughters class and we had no idea till we really started to talk and from there our friendship grew. She brought over such a nice gift after seeing how much I love my Roosters! She has even offered her help on Wed. when DD goes in for her Mole Removal Surgery. You just don't often find such good kind people anymore!

Today was a really nice day, went to a nice lil antique store (of course I forgot my camera)with my mom and just browsed till I found a 1962 copy of "Heloise Household Hints", I had to pick this lil book up and bring her home for a good read.

So Wed. DD goes in for her lil surgery, she is very scared and every day we have to comfort her, She's 10 and if I could go thru it for her I would! It should be a lil in and out surgery and lots of hugs and ice cream afterwards!

I hope ya'll enjoyed your Monday!
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