Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

2 lil napkins in the making, one will say "Friends" the other "Family". I love to use these instead of paper napkins and I throw them in with my towels. I'll be stitching these while watching "18 Kids and Counting" which I DVR'd last night.

The Before, very cluttered with all the hodge-podge.

I moved all the papers and hung the rolling pin hanger on this side since my cookbooks are here, it's a lovely lil built in that was here when we moved in. I want to hang that nice yellow plate underneath the hanger but need to find the right size plate hanger for it still. My Great Aunt Hazel stitched those 2 blue towels I have hanging over my blue antique bowl and the hand held antique mixers were hers also. I do have to re-hang my calender though, my DH (I'm surprised to find out) actually pays attention to what I write on confused him the other day cuse he went to see it and it was gone so I'm thinking I'll tape it to the fridge to please him.

I like how this shelf looks but not sure about the sign, I think it needs to be bigger. I'm wondering if a lil stitchery would look nice underneath the shelf?
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