Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

This week I've been busy getting a box ready for my Sister in FL, She wanted her Twilight books back (BOO~WWOO) and some lil Americana items that I had and couldn't seem to find a happy home for them, She has wanted to start decorating in Americana theme for some time now so I'm helping her out. She also wanted me to Stitch up 2 darling lil pillows for her lil girls so of course I jumped at the chance! I decided not to stain these as the girls will be playing and sleeping with them. I Stitched up the 2 pillows and left them Simple and Sweet, no matter what bed comforters they have they will look Darling sitting on top!

This week has been busy fun getting that done and hitting some stores to browse, not sure what I'm looking for but I want something new and Springy..just haven't found it yet. Might hit up Goodwill later today since I have lil guy home with me and the 2 girls are in school.
Would you believe that it's going to be almost 70 here today! YAY!! Of course the girls wanted to wear dresses and so we had to go thru the closets for new sizes, Yep, they have grown taller and are now in need of the next size..WOW..All 3 are in the next size...Hopefully I can find some good garage sales around here!!

Enjoy your Wednesday, I know I will!
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