Friday, April 17, 2009

Gong Out of My Comfort Zone for a Surprise Birthday Party

So yesterday I went out of my comfort zone and drove an hour on a busy Interstate with 3 hungry kids up to G'ma's house for her surprise Birthday party. I NEVER drive anywhere I don't know, I get sweaty hands, rapid heartbeat and feel like I'm going to throw up and often get tears in my eyes, I kid you not!! I had to suck it up though since DH was at work and was going to meet us there. My GPS was broken in the truck so I used the old fashioned writtened out directions and with lots of prayers, I beat DH there! It was a great time with good food and the drive home was better!

G'ma blowing out her candles and my lil Indiana Jones wanna-be, ain't he a

My DH and his mom

Her DH, He was getting

G'ma Terri with her friend Genie and then G'ma Terri with her best friend Rita and my DD

Have you ever had to go out of your comfort zone and then afterwards feel silly?
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