Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Where Have I Been Again and Some Struggles

We have been busy joining a Church the last few weeks and last night we had a very nice dinner with the Pastor and his wife.

I'm struggling with how much time I use the computer during the day and my feelings of disapointment of the lack of interest on my bookshelf blog..I'm thinking of deleting it since it take time away from my family to post the books on it.

I'm also struggling with the feelings of having to post something every day, Do many of you feel this way?

I have gone to the Library and checked out some Beverly Lewis books and I'm feeling better about taking time to read, no more Horror books for this gal!

I'll continue to re-evaluate somethings in our life and the kids are on Spring Break starting tomorrow so I'm going to be in and out.

Enjoy Your Week!
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