Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

These are 5 big dinner vintage napkins that I thought needed a special touch so I stitched 5 meaningful words on them (The flower motif was already there). These are so nice and the knots on the back are very tight as you can see in the pic. I stitched these up yesterday while catching up with Paula Deen. I'm thinking about adding these to my selling blog later, I just can't make up my

I've been reading Beverly Lewis's books, The Preacher's Daughter and now I'm starting The Englishner...Very good books and I'm drawn right in!

The kids are back to school today, It was a low key Spring Break this year. I have to get caught up on Laundry and sweep the floors today. The house will be quite with just lil guy home today.

Enjoy your Wednesday! It's been raining and chilly here, Great time to Stitch!
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