Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Busy Running with Kids

I hope you had a great 3 day weekend, We had a great pool/bbq day. Just an easy day with family that stopped in.

I've been very busy catching up with my book reviews, sorry to post so many in one shot but with moving and getting settled I was so behind. Do you enjoy reading the reviews or skip them?

I've been re-arranging the living room and I think I have it the way I like until we can buy one huge wall unit. I'm still looking for a pic for above the T.V.

We have had Richards Kindergarten class play and he was a Ladybug...so cute!
This little guy slowly made his way thru our backyard thankfully while the kids were in school and the dogs were inside..lol..

Last but not least we ran back up to the farmhouse in OH to grab the last of our stuff, that whole ride was a trip as the tire on the trailer we rented from U-haul had a flat on the side of the mountain in W. Virginia which cut us back 3 hours on travel time...then the transmission in my car overheated because of the trailer just 5 mins from our house...unpacked, car is fine, everything is getting settled.

I'm ready for Summer just so the kids and I can catch our breath, really concentrate on setting up the bedrooms how they want them and no schedules!! Hopefully meet some kids our age and maybe a Mom or two for me to chat with.

What are your plans for the Summer? Staycation or some traveling involved?
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