Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Christmas in July~Tuesday

So many months ago I was given this Stitchery along with fabric scraps, I adore this Stitchery and want to finish it, it has sat in my cabinet all this time...I finally ran to Jo-Anns and bought what I hope to be an exact color match. I will start working on it today I hope..It shouldn't take long to finish...if the kids would sit still and watch a movie with me...LOL....

I plan on finishing the Angel and having DH make a frame and giving it to me Middle girl for Christmas...SHe hasn't has the best few years. 3 days after she was born she starting to run a temp...104 and she was sent to the Hospital where we found out that she has Hydronephrosis of the left Kidney...It has a kink in the line from the kidney to the Uethra?..which makes her get horrible bladder infections and hospital visits full of Meds. In 2006 she had a Surgery to correct the kink...We think that it has solved the problem but only time will tell. Dr's usually catch this while doing Ultrasounds but for some reason Abigail's was not noticed till after she was born.

She will love this, She is our little Angel Princess!
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