Monday, July 21, 2008

What Did You Do This Weekend?

This weekend we wanted to get the hay loft built but in order to do that you have to have the stalls finished first! So we finished the stalls, I had to grab my little camera and grab some pics, DH worked so hard all weekend! We now have 3 finished stalls, 1 for HOSS and 2 for the future, we are thinking about accepting a tenant and just charging a small fee, but we still need that hay loft built! We or HE will do this next payday...See the area above the stalls...that's where the hay loft will be, just a simple floor and a ladder, I want him to put up a nice railing across the whole front of it cuse I'm a scaredy cat..LOL

Here is a nice pic of redneck cutting, a truck and four wheeler as a cutting bench..LOL
See how the wood is so nice, DH did a Fab. job of putting it together!
This is the view from the back sliding door. Today it's all finished and all that's left is planking in the inside walls but if need be we could put a horse in there.

SO you ask where's DH? He ran from the camera, He hates having his pic taken..LOL...
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