Thursday, July 17, 2008

Show and Tell Thursday

I have been busy trying to clean house and stay up on the laundry...Not anything very exciting to post about but here are some pics of some upcoming projects.

Here are 2 porch tables that I found from a farm down the road, I'm thinking black spray paint to give them new life and pots of flowers.
This is an old fabric piece that I bought at a garage sale, I'm going to iron it and make a pillow out of it for my Americana living room.
Here is that Apron that I mentioned not so long ago..see all the stitches, It's ADORABLE!! I'm still deciding on keep/sell it...
My Americana mantle, I love how the white pops on the brick!
Another shot..I added the "America" stitchery next to the lamp and the magazine basket yesterday.

I'm going to be out taking pics of the new mini horse today...So far HOSS is okay with her in the pasture and very little fights about his food...We are so glad!
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