Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

I joined Leslie's Whatcha Working on Wednesday posts...I'm excited to see what everyone is up too! I'm going to have to post a pic later because Blogger wont let me post a pic right now for some reason...How irratating!!

I'm working on my Fireplace's an ever changing project..LOL right now I have Americana up and I wanted to show a pic...Hopefully later I can do this. My fireplace is a very odd shaped one...I have one bookcase on one side and then a little niche on the other before you enter the the niche I have put a phone table and a lamp...not sure what else to put there and on the bookcase I have most of our family photo's and then the kids coloring books and whatnots. It's very messy on their shelf...LOL...

okay, pic is now up...Sorry it's so dark! It's so hard to grab a good photo in here...dark brick and poor lighting.
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